Angular 4 module to access DreamFactory API

After some months I released my first Angular 2 module to access DreamFactory APIs now it is time to release an updated version of it. This is the 1.0.0 version of the module. It is still in active development – contributions are more than welcome!

Here are the main differences in this version:

  1. The module’s name: it was originally named ng2-dfservice. The Angular team, after releasing version 4, decided to call it only “Angular”, without version number. Why should my module keep the number 2 in it? That’s why I created a new repo in GitHub and a new package at (links below).
  2. It now uses the new InjectionToken instead of the [deprecated] OpaqueToken to inject environment information (aka API URL and key).
  3. API URL and token are now stored in environment.ts, in a dedicated object.
  4. It is AOT compatible.

For more information see the changelog.

I also released a boilerplate project to help anyone wanting a starting point to use this module.

Here are the links:

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